Our mission

Mission Statement 

HDIF is a social enterprise which promotes sustainable economic development by creating job opportunities in Armenian communities.




Our Values 

HDIF is for participation and empowerment of the people with whom and for whom it works. HDIF's values include:

  • Teamwork: Listening to and respecting each other whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results
  • Honesty: Being open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity at all times
  • Excellence: Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do
  • Commitment: Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and organizational perspectives
  • Recognition: Recognizing and rewarding each other’s contributions and efforts
  • Customer Service: Taking ownership of our customers’ needs and being accountable for delivering friendly and professional service
  • Professionalism: At all times we act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible


10 Principles of Fair Trade

WFTO prescribes 10 Principles that Fair-Trade Organizations must follow in their day-to-day work and carries out monitoring to ensure these principles are upheld:

  • Principle One: Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
  • Principle Two: Transparency and Accountability
  • Principle Three:Fair Trading Practices
  • Principle Four:  Payment of a Fair Price
  • Principle Five:  Ensuring no Child Labor and Forced Labor
  • Principle Six:  Commitment to Non-Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association
  • Principle Seven:  Ensuring Good Working Conditions
  • Principle Eight: Providing Capacity Building
  • Principle Nine:  Promoting Fair Trade
  • Principle Ten: Respect for the Environment