APY/HDIF for Armenia - Clothing Kit for Women and Children

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HDIF and Armenian Progressive Youth (APY) are teaming up to address the humanitarian needs of women and children from Artsakh. Your donation allows us to source mostly Made in Armenia goods. Win-win! Women and children supported at this difficult time, and jobs in Armenia secured. Artsakh NOW!

Each kit includes enough clothing and accessories to get them through the winter. The clothing kit can include beanie, scarf, sweater, gloves, socks, underwear, shoes, jackets, jeans or other items as needed by the particular family members.

APY coordinates closely with the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Yerevan City Hall. HDIF strives to supply APY with the priorities set by APY and based on that coordination. Supplying what is need when it is needed and in the quantities needed is key to a successful humanitarian response effort.