RBA!! MASK 2020 - Face Mask for Personal Protection - Armenian Flag

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This is NOT a medical grade mask! It is for personal protection only. Medical grade masks should be reserved for Health Care Professionals only!

- it is a two-layered fabric mask that has been designed by Dr. K Kwong in Hong Kong, and is popularly know as the HK mask. Google that!

- it is a two fabric layer mask, with a pocket between the two layers. Fabric alone gives limited protection to the wearer. In the pocket, two layers of tissue (for example, paper towels) are to be inserted. These do the filtering and protection! The two tissues are to be placed such that their grain goes against each other - one horizontally and one vertically. This increases the filtering effect.

- the two tissues should be replace after EVERY FOUR HOURS of use to maintain their filtering effectiveness.

- the fabric mask is to be washed, air dried, and ironed EVERY DAY to keep it sanitary.

- we do not produce the masks in white, light blue or green, so that they are not confused with medical grade masks that are reserved for Health Care Professionals.

If interested in bulk ordering masks, please write to hdifarmenia@gmail.com.

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